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Brokerage and forwarding company “Sigmabrok” was founded in 2004. We are a Reliable customs broker - with history, experience and traditions!

services for successful companies

International cargo transportation

All types of cargo transportations

Delivery of groupage cargo
Transportation of oversized cargo
We are specialists in sea, railway, air and truck transportations. Our company has good contracts with shipping, railway and air direct agents and because of this we can offer the lowest rates to our clients.

customs clearance of cargo

cargo clearance

Custom clearance in import/export
Minimization of customs payments
Preparation of economic foreign contracts
Help in making invoice and packing in the right way
Help in HS-code definition
Customs brokers of our company have extensive practical experience in processing permits for any type of cargo. We know all the nuances of customs legislation.

Customs clearance

Providing turnkey customs clearance services.

Permits documentation

Registration of permits in public services

Cargo control

Tracking cargo around the clock. Personal manager.

Efficient logistics

Registration of permits in public services

Freight forwarding at ports

Registration of documentation for cargo handling in the port
Passage of all port services with documents for obtaining permits for taking our from the port
Surveyor services, if required, check the parameters of the cargo
Services truck registration for arrival and departure from the port
Accommodation services for the consolidation of goods
Customs clearance.
We provide a full range of freight forwarding services in the ukrainian ports. We develop and implement individual schemes of delivery and handling of import, export and transit operations in ports, in accordance with the terms of delivery and the characteristics of goods.

Other services

Cargo conformity certificate
Quarantine certificate
Resolution for transportation of dangerous goods
Permission of sanitary and epidemiological organization
Certificate of origin of goods
Assistance in all questions concerning to import/export
Provision of warehouse
A lot of permits must be drawn up with accuracy and without the slightest mistake, otherwise the cargo may get stuck at the border. Our experts do not allow mistakes! We will issue all permits for your cargo in the shortest possible time.

Brokerage-forwarding company "Sigmabrok" guarantees the maximum quality and speed of services

Minute to complete the application
Minutes for consultation
Hours for export clearance
Hours for import clearance

our clients are always satisfied

«Sigmabrok» clients are successful trading and manufacturing companies. We help them optimize logistics and customs clearance of goods so that they pay more attention to commercial issues in finding buyers, producing new products and developing new directions

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calculation of the cost of customs clearance services

Fill in the data necessary so that our specialist can calculate the approximate cost of the service. After submitting the form, we will know what documents you will need, how long customs clearance will take, or which transport is cheaper and faster to use.

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Sigmabrok Logistic

Brokerage and forwarding company “Sigmabrok” was founded in 2004. During these 16 years our company has established itself as an expert in the field of logistics and customs clearance of various goods for import or export to Ukrainian and foreign companies.



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